Long Division

by International Creeps

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This is the first album from International Creeps. This is a collection of new and older songs that didn't work out or weren't tried with my primary band, Flying Kards, and I felt these songs deserved a more proper treatment because I think there is something about them worth sharing.

I'd like to thank my parents for letting me record this thing in their basement and for being supportive no matter what I do, my wonderful friends, and all the great musicians within the local community that I've had the pleasure to meet and perform for. Without these groups of people I probably wouldn't have cared enough to put this all together.

For now I'm going to have this album available for free. I can only hope that you sincerely listen to the songs and if you enjoy what you hear that you please pass this music along to your friends and other people who might like it. Of course, I will also humbly accept donations.


released May 22, 2013

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Ross Turpen with the following exceptions:

Slide guitar on "ABQ" was composed, performed, and recorded by Sean McMahon.
Electric lead guitar part on "Mr. White" and "How I'd Like to Be" was composed and performed by Erik Mueller.

Artwork by Ross Turpen and Kristal Steinmark



all rights reserved


International Creeps Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: ABQ
I've packed my room, a suit and tie
some old books and guitar strings
I'm headed south by southwest
without tellin' nobody
I'm moving to Albuquerque
there's nothing more to decide
I want make it to Colorado
before the next sunrise
Please don't be mistaken
I'm not trying to force your hand
Even though your heart is broke
that wasn't my intent
Topeka isn't far enough
and Dallas just won't do
I'm moving to Albuquerque
Hello, ABQ

I'm moving to Albuquerque
far removed from what I know
my name's been through the dirt
and my friends say it's time to go
I want to wake up in the mornin'
where the mountains meet the sky
and come home in the evenin'
to a quiet, humble life
I'm sure there are valid reasons
for putting up your walls
as I'm sure you'll be understanding
when I can't return your calls
Topeka isn't far enough
and Dallas just won't do
I'm moving to Albuquerque
Hello, ABQ

Don't be confused or take offense
my roots have grown to the bone
but these heavy lungs refuse to hold
a breath for one second more
I'm moving to Albuquerque
with the hope to start again
all the tears made in the fabric
are much too large to mend
now you say it's the easy way
and you're probably correct
but when things get fucked up to a point
you know there ain't no going back
Topeka isn't far enough
and Dallas just won't do
I'm moving to Albuquerque
Hello, ABQ
Track Name: Mr. White
Ask me a question
I'll search for the answers
I can't guarantee
You'll like what you find
I've done all the book work
hours of research
all falls to pieces
when I try to apply

Flowers and sunsets
are simple equations
sterile and perfect
yet horribly flawed
no explanations
are necessary
no proofs are needed
to show why i'm cut off

why doesn't science
make sense out of love

I hypothesized that
you'd never feel lonely
but figures won't hold you
in the dark
moments of fancy
are ruined by theory
it's hard to believe
that facts are what's wrong

I've followed the method
re-asked your questions
I don't think I like
the answers I found
so much for process
so much for logic
so much for thinking
I've figured you out

why doesn't science
make sense out of love
Track Name: These Eyes Wide
These eyes, so wide
have seen the days
of kings and men
fall to their graves
the cost of love
the dreams we've lost
these eyes, so wide
now close for sleep

its a tragedy how we can see
each other so differently
and all the pain we swore away
has come back times three
i won't wish for things, impossible to be
sleeping so warm in your side
i'll just lay awake and curse the day
with these eyes wide

These legs, that ache
have scorched the Earth
across plains and seas
and lessons learned
the hold so deep
no man they can keep
these legs that ache
are put up to rest

into your body
into your body we are one
until your heart beats
until you bleed into me

these hands, so worn
have built the world
a home and walls
to keep things close
to hide away
is to put out the flame
these eyes so wide
have seen better days
Track Name: Men With Beards Don't Cry
when the collective fear
stings your ears
the bite makes it all too clear
and a February fog
dampens your tongue
i knew what was wrong all along

I said there's dust in my eye
as i breathe a heavy sigh
men with beards don't cry
and the summer wind
stirs you up again
men with beards don't cry

a guitar is tuned
in an empty room
with only sorrow and shame to consume
with no one to share
the buzz of dead air
my hand wrestles with my hair

now my eyes are red
and my chin is drenched
and my thoughts speak through the pen
I get swept in the tide
every time she says goodbye
but men with beards don't cry
Track Name: What Keeps Us Up
Oh brother, Oh brother
You and I are not the same
True we share a common bloodline
We carry different pains
You've been tested, you've been shaken
and still you soldier through
When the world looks down their noses
I'll find a way to look up to you

Oh Sister, oh sister
there's more to life than hate
those you say are out to get you
only long for your embrace
It would seem you're out for blood and
burning bridges along the way
I'm still trying to forgive you
But i haven't found the strength

Oh why can't I reach
out to everyone around me

Oh mother, oh father
who held me when i cried
though now I feel full grown
sometimes i still want to be your child
words are said in anger
gestures are made in love
no matter what may happen
I'll never forget where I came from

In the dead of night
I'm wide awake and more or less sober
I'm cold,
I'm alone,
Just waiting for tomorrow.
Track Name: Dollars & Days
I seem to fall in love again
at the worst times
Another convolution is
not what I need tonight
I've written hundreds of stories
and misplaced fantasies
with these arms outstretched, just out of reach
you're a perfect mystery
So my dear
I must confess
We were so close but
we just missed
But maybe if the stars align
Someday I'll hold your hand in mine

I need some logic, a reason
I can't resist
I'm standing at the edge of the dock
just dying to jump in
Please forgive me
for I am just a man
sometimes the things you what you want
are exactly what you can't have
So my dear
I must confess
We were so close but
we just missed
But if I'm the boat and you're the shore
Someday you'll hold my hand in yours

Now I'm trying to recall
our last conversation
she said "babe, we're just having fun"
Then she said something
about dollars and days
I guess if I had more she would stay
I guess if I had more she would stay
Track Name: How I'd Like to Be
We could hop a train
to take us far up north
far beyond the things
we've been hiding from
and i can promise you
a life of noble truth
all the things we had
are things we never needed at all

dust and bone
breaking the mold
how i'd like to be
removed from here
in a chemical spill
a thousand colors swirl
how i'd like to be
how i'd like to be

does the sun still shine like it did before
i hear the summer's nice
and in the winter it still snows
does it make you think
or do you ever dream
and now all the things i am
is who i was all along

I find that I am home
with the world outside the door
the sun is coming up and i am terrified
If i could shut the blinds or
hide between the lines
I'd give anything to escape the light of another day

we can make a shelter here
on the far side of the knoll
weather out the storm
we've be charged to bear
don't lose sleep my friend
over things that haven't happened yet
nothing too bad
lasts for too long
Track Name: The Snowman
First sign of morning light
My eyes tell the greatest lie
A frost hugs the world
majesties unfurled
Life made in two hands
man in a fisher's cap
I'm terrified you are real
Terrified to feel

My friend in you,
I am you
are me too

Amazed by simplicity
birthday cakes and novelties
rosy cheeks and false teeth
suspenders to hold your briefs
on a stolen motorbike
circles drawn in the night
over the arctic pass
where waves and whales crash

a statue stuck in time
pure heart of ice
we do no good to weep
it's time to let it be
beyond where blackbirds fly
beyond the northern lights
Where we danced on the moon
is where I'll think of you.
Track Name: Ambrosia
I think I'm going crazy
i've been locked away for years
the way that she smiles
erases all my fears
I saunter to the window
the meaning of winter is mine
she is someone i need to know
this time

soft and sweet she came to me
her face so clean, she smiles to me
i've never felt a heart so warm
i am home

she'll feed you ambrosia
until you think you know her
well enough to want to stay
in her arms forever
and when we wake all our dreams
will disintegrate away
and there we will be

I've had vivid nightmares
of whom i will become
or have I been destined
to fail of the ones I love
i am alive inside you
it's the only way i know how to feel
wrap me up in sheets
lie to me